Ready Reckoner for Pay Revision 2014

Dear friends
          As the much awaited pay revision recommendations has come, we are here with a ready reckoner table which shows your old pay scale & the corresponding new one.
          The pay commission has recommended that a “date of option” is not required and everyone will be having a unique option date – 01/07/2014. But practically, some employees can be more benefited if there is an option to choose the “option date”. So we, through our blog, will be campaigning for the installation of the “option date”.
          Any way for the time being, let’s have a chat on how to use this Ready Reckoner. First, find your existing scale of pay (on 01/07/2014) on the left portion of the table. The new scale of pay is given to the right side of it corresponding to the No. of completed years of service which is given by ‘year01, year02’ etc.
          If there is any change in the recommendations when accepted by the government, we will make the necessary alterations as fast as possible. Also, a new software is being prepared by the Ecostatt blog team for the new pay revision, which will be released after the acceptance of the pay revision report by the state government. 

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